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Print Utility for Android
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Print Utility for IOS

[27th Feb, 2015] Print Utility for iOS 1.7 is released

Print Utility for iOS is a free printing and scanning application for iPad™, iPhone®, and iPod touch®. You can print web pages, contact addresses, and photos saved in your iOS devices, or photos taken by using the internal camera. You can also print DocuWorks and PDF documents from a document viewer application such as DocuWorks Viewer Light for iPhone/iPad. This application can automatically recognize a multifunction printer or printer on Wi-Fi® network connected with iOS devices and print contents.

Print Utility for iOS can be downloaded from Apple App Store FOR FREE.

* Any fees incurred when communicating with Apple App Store are the responsibility of the customer.

How to print and scan

* You can scan images[PDF/JPEG] into your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch with Fuji Xerox multifunction devices.Scanned JPEG documents can be E-mailed as an attachment or saved to photo Album, While scanned PDF documents can be E-mailed as an attachment or route to a document viewer application.
* A wireless router is required for printing since multifunction printers do not have a wireless interface.

1. On Demand print by ApeosWare Management Suite*
You can take advantage of on Demand print, User Authentication and Log Management of the ApeosWare Management Suite.
Documents printed by Print Utility for iOS can be retrieved anywhere by the On Demand print feature. This contributes smart printer usage in your mobile work.

Please refer to the ApeosWare Management Suite web site for more details.

* ApeosWare Management Suite v1.2 or above is required.

2. Print web pages
Displayed web pages can be printed by using Print Utility for iOS. Multiple web pages can be printed in the 2-up duplex printing format, reducing printing costs.

3. Print contact addresses
Contact addresses saved in the address book can be printed as a list.

4. Print Albums
Photos saved in a photo album can be selected and printed. You can print large size photos in 4-up on A4-sized paper. You can also print multiple photos side-by-side on one sheet of paper by reducing their size. Before printing, you can preview the print result.

5. Shoot & Print
You can print a photo immediately after taking it. By simply selecting the paper size, the photo is automatically enlarged and printed in the selected size.
* Only for iPhone, and iPod touch devices that contain an internal camera.

6. Print DocuWorks and PDF documents (*1)
DocuWorks and PDF documents can be printed on Fuji Xerox?s multifunction printers by calling Print Utility for iOS from a UTI(*2) supported application, such as DocuWorks Viewer Light for iPhone/iPad(*3).

*1: Some models do not support DocuWorks and PDF document printing. Please refer to the specifications.
*2: Uniform Type Identifier. Data can be exchanged between applications by distinguishing a string that uniquely identifies a type of the data
*3: Supported by DocuWorks Viewer Light for iPhone/iPad 1.1 or later

* Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod touch, and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

7. Server-less On-Demand Print
Server-less On-Demand Print allows users to print jobs from another available MFP even when a designated MFP is busy to print. This helps print jobs from smartphones and tablet terminals.
* MFP requires the optional Server-less On-Demand Print Kit.

8. Scan from scanner

Store to WSD is not appeared as default so admin needs to setup the following beforehand.
1.Place “Store to WSD” button to menu screen.

2.Enable WSD Scan

1. Tap Scan from scanner on the Print Utility for iOS screen.
2. Find the device you use to scan.
3. Choose “Store to WSD” on the device.
4. Specify scan settings, and then tap “Scan button” on the top right of the screen.
5. Check the scan image and select either “E-mail as an attachment”, “Save to Photo Album” or “Open by other application”.

Print Utility for iOS

Item Description
Supported protocol Port 9100/LPD
Supported models and versions
  • [iPhone] iOS 6.1 ~ 8 (except iPhone 3G)
  • [iPad] iOS 6.1 ~ 8 (except 1st Gen.)
  • [iPod touch] iOS 6.1 ~ 8 (except 1st ~ 3rd Gen.)
Supported languages
  • English
  • Chinese (Simplified/Traditional)
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Thai
  • Printing web pages
  • Printing contact address
  • Printing photos saved in the photo album
  • Printing photos taken by the internal camera
  • Printing DocuWorks and PDF documents from a document viewer application such as DocuWorks Viewer Light for iPhone/iPad
  • Working with ApeosWare Management Suite
  • Server-less On-Demand Print
  • Scanning images(JPEG/PDF/DocuWorks)
Print settings
    For web pages, Contacts and photos

  • Copy count:1-99
  • Paper size: A4/8.5×11"(letter)/4×6"/2L-size/Postcard
  • Image orientation: Portrait/Landscape
  • Output Color: On/Off
  • 2 Sided Print: On/Off
  • Pages Per Sheet: 2 Pages Up/4 Pages Up/8 Pages Up/16 Pages Up/32 Pages Up
  • Paper Tray: Automatically Select/Bypass tray
  • Paper type: Plain/Heavyweight/Heavyweight Reload
  • Authentication and Accounting

  • For PDF/DocuWorks documents

  • Copy count:1-99
  • Paper size: Same as Paper Size/A4/A3/A5/B4/B5/8.5×11"(letter)/11×17"/Postcard
  • Collated: On/Off
  • Output Color: On/Off
  • 2 Sided Print: 1sided Print/2sided Print/2sided, Flip on Short Edge
  • Pages Per Sheet: 2 Pages Up/4 Pages Up
  • Paper Tray: Automatically Select/Bypass tray
  • Authentication and Accounting
Printer settings
  • Specifying an IP address directly*1
  • Searching for a printer by using Bonjour*2
Scanner settings
  • [Scan Size] A4 (210 X 297 mm) / Letter(8.5 X 11")
  • [Resolution] 200 dpi / 300 dpi
  • [Image Type] Full color / Gray Scale
  • [Format] JPEG / PDF / DocuWorks
*1: An IP address and port number must have been specified on the multifunction printer or printer.
*2: An IP address and port number must have been specified on the multifunction printer or printer, and Bonjour must be running.
Color multifunction printer

                                 Product Name                 Print                 Scan
                              ApeosPort-V C7780
                              ApeosPort-V C6680
                              ApeosPort-V C5580
                  ✔                   ✔
                              DocuCentre-V C7780
                              DocuCentre-V C6680
                              DocuCentre-V C5580
                  ✔                   ✔
                              ApeosPort-V C7775
                              ApeosPort-V C6675
                              ApeosPort-V C5575
                              ApeosPort-V C4475
                              ApeosPort-V C3375
                              ApeosPort-V C3373
                              ApeosPort-V C2275
                  ✔                   ✔
                              DocuCentre-V C7775
                              DocuCentre-V C6675
                              DocuCentre-V C5575
                              DocuCentre-V C4475
                              DocuCentre-V C3375
                              DocuCentre-V C3373
                              DocuCentre-V C2275
                  ✔                   ✔
                              ApeosPort-IV C5575
                              ApeosPort-IV C4475
                              ApeosPort-IV C3375
                              ApeosPort-IV C3373
                              ApeosPort-IV C2275
                  ✔                   ✔
                              DocuCentre-IV C5575
                              DocuCentre-IV C4475
                              DocuCentre-IV C3375
                              DocuCentre-IV C3373
                              DocuCentre-IV C2275
                  ✔                   ✔
                              ApeosPort-IV C7780
                              ApeosPort-IV C6680
                              ApeosPort-IV C5580
                  ✔                   ✔
                              DocuCentre-IV C7780
                              DocuCentre-IV C6680
                              DocuCentre-IV C5580
                  ✔                   ✔
                              ApeosPort-IV C4430
                              DocuCentre-IV C4430
                              ApeosPort-IV C5570 *1*3
                              ApeosPort-IV C4470*1*3
                              ApeosPort-IV C3370 *1*3
                              ApeosPort-IV C3371 *1*3
                              ApeosPort-IV C2270 *1*3
                              DocuCentre-IV C5570 *1*3
                              DocuCentre-IV C4470 *1*3
                              DocuCentre-IV C3370 *1*3
                              DocuCentre-IV C3371 *1*3
                              DocuCentre-IV C2270 *1*3
                              ApeosPort-III C7600 *2*3
                              ApeosPort-III C6500 *2*3
                              ApeosPort-III C5500 *2*3
                              DocuCentre-III C7600 *2*3
                              DocuCentre-III C6500 *2*3
                              DocuCentre-III C5500 *2*3
                              DocuCentre-IV C2265
                              DocuCentre-IV C2263 N
                              DocuCentre-IV C2263
                              DocuCentre-IV C2265 N
                  ✔                   ✔
                              DocuCentre-IV C2260 *2*3
                              DocuCentre SC2020 *3*4
                  ✔                   ✔

Mono multifunction printer

                                 Product Name                Print                Scan
                              ApeosPort-IV 5070
                              ApeosPort-IV 4070
                              ApeosPort-IV 3070
                  ✔                   ✔
                              DocuCentre-IV 5070
                              DocuCentre-IV 4070
                  ✔                   ✔
                              ApeosPort-IV 3065
                              ApeosPort-IV 3060
                              ApeosPort-IV 2060
                              DocuCentre-IV 3065
                              DocuCentre-IV 3060
                              DocuCentre-IV 2060
                  ✔                   ✔
                              ApeosPort-IV 7080
                              ApeosPort-IV 6080
                  ✔                   ✔
                              DocuCentre-IV 7080
                              DocuCentre-IV 6080
                  ✔                   ✔

Color printer

                                 Product Name                Print                Scan
                              DocuPrint CM305 df *3*4
                              DocuPrint CM505 da
                              DocuPrint C5005 d
                              DocuPrint CP305 d *3*4
                              DocuPrint C2120 *3*4
                              DocuPrint C3300 DX *3*4
                              DocuPrint C2200 *3*4
                              DocuPrint C1110 *3*4
                              DocuPrint C3055DX *3*4
                              DocuPrint C3210 DX *3*4
                              DocuPrint C2100 *3*4
                              DocuPrint CP405 d *3
                              DocuPrint CM405 df *3
                  ✔                   ✔

Mono printer

                                 Product Name                 Print                Scan
                              DocuPrint M455 df *3
                  ✔                   ✔
                              DocuPrint 3055/2065 *3*4
                              DocuPrint 3105
                              DocuPrint P355 d *3
                              DocuPrint P455 d *3
                              DocuPrint M355 df *3
                  ✔                   ✔
                              DocuPrint P255 dw*3*4
                              DocuPrint M255 z*3*4

Production printer

                                 Product Name                 Print                Scan
                              Fuji Xerox D125 *5
                              Fuji Xerox D110 *5
                              Fuji Xerox D95 *5
                  ✔                   ✔
*1: To activate Bonjour, the optional Adobe® PostScript® 3TM kit and additional system memory (1 GB) are necessary.
*2: To activate Bonjour, the optional Adobe® PostScript® 3TM kit is necessary.
*3: Printing DocuWorks document is not supported.
*4: Printing PDF document is not supported.
*5: Except models that have External Print Server

Print Utility for iOS

Trouble solution
Although set up in a wireless LAN, a Multifunction device (MFD) or a Single Function Printer (SFP) cannot be found in the network.Check whether Bonjour is activated in the MFD or SFP. In case Bonjour is active but the device cannot be found, set up an IP address directly.
Does not print even if print instruction was sent.Check the settings of MFD and SFP.
  • Ensure that the gateway address is specified correctly.
  • Ensure that the subnet mask is specified correctly.
  • Check that the Port 9100 has started up.

In case connection cannot be established even with the above settings, check if printing from PC via WiFi is possible. If printing is possible, check the following items on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Wi-Fi is ON.
  • Device is not in internal mode.
  • Device is connected in the same Wi-Fi Network as the PC.
If printing is not possible from a PC via Wi-Fi, check the settings of Wi-Fi router.
How to check if a MFD or a SFP is connected or not?Type in the IP address of MFD or SFP into the Safari address bar of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, to check if CentreWare Internet Services can be accessed. If CentreWare Internet Services can be accessed, connection has been established. If no connection, a warning screen indicating that the page won't be opened will appear.. When the warning screen appears, check the settings of the Wi-Fi router.
A warning screen indicating insufficient memory appears while printing. Are there any remedies?Edit to downsize the image. Note that increasing the available memory through the following steps may enable printing.
  • Delete the page in Safari.
  • Exit Safari or mail.
  • Reboot iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
The right/left area of the printed image is missing.To fit in the specified output image size, the scaling processing is done based on the short edge size. Therefore, the area into which the long edge size runs off the print size will be out of the printing coverage.
Printed image may turn out solid black when printing from Photo Album.An image captured other than via iTunes may not be printed properly.
When printing from a photo album, the application may suddenly shut down, immediately after displaying "print in process", and returns to the home screen.When a large size image cannot be printed normally using iOS4.1, updating to iOS4.2 may enable printing.
When printing from a Web page, the following phenomena may occur, which disable normal printing. (1) A font is not printed correctly. (Characters are garbled.) (2) An image is not printed correctly. (Result in black-lacquered image) Before printing, check that a print image appears correctly in the preview screen.
When printing from a Web page, the application may suddenly shut down, after displaying "Print image in process" for a while, and returns to the home screen.Web page may not be printed.
DocuWorks document when viewed on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch may appear differently when it is printed (Garbled text, Piled-up text)Documents that include Foreign System Font (including external fonts, special symbols, foreign language fonts) and those that require complex image processing may not be printed correclty due to compatibility of DocuWorks document made in Windows® and iOS.
Refer to DocuWorks FAQ.
Printing of multiple DocuWorks document might end halfway. (Or the print job might be cancelled without printing a single page)The Docuworks document might include Foreign language fonts. Refer to DocuWorks FAQ
PDF document when viewed on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch may appear differently when it is printed (Garbled text, Piled-up text)All fonts used in the document may not be embedded in the PDF file when the file was created.
Initial settings
Available functionsPrinting from a photo album, printing the list print of contact addresses. Printing images taken by a built-in camera, and printing a Web page.
How to printSelect multiple photo albums and contact addresses, to make the print settings. Select taken images and Web pages to view, to make the print settings. Select a device (MFD or SFP) to print.
Let us know the contact address where to inquire an application.Please use the "Inquiry."
Where can Print Utility for iOS be acquired?It can be acquired from App Store.
What are the available iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.The following models are available.
iPhone: iPhone 3G or later.
iPod touch: iPod touch 2nd or later.
iPad:1st Gen
What are the available iOS versions.iPad/iPhone/iPod touch iOS 3.1.3 or later. (The latest version is recommended.)
What are the types of file that can be printed.A "photo album", a "camera image", a "contact address", and a "Web page"
What should be specified in a MFD or a SFP device?Setting to activate Bonjour on the supported model, a MFD or a SFP device can be recognized automatically.(When Bonjour is unavailable, you can type in an IP address of printing device in iPad/iPhone/iPod touch.)
Is it possible to use USB or Bluetooth to print?It is impossible to use USB or Bluetooth to print. Applicable to print only from Wi-Fi.
What will happen, if a telephone call or MMS is received during printing?Selecting the [Refuse] or [Close] in the pop-up screen when a telephone or a MMS is received, printing can be continued. Selecting [Respond] or [View], printing will be stopped.
Is iOS 4 multitasking supported?Multitasking is not supported.
How to operate a smart phone
Let us know the printable Paper Sizes.Japanese postcards (100x148 mm)
Photo 2L size (5x7")
A4 (210x297mm)
8. 5X11" (Letter)
Is it possible to use the Manual Tray to print?
Is it possible to use the tray #2 to print?
Manual Tray can be specified.
The built-in tray support Auto-Select functions by the Paper Size.
Is it possible to print Heavy Weight papers? What should be done?It is possible to print Heavy Weight papers. In an application, select the "tray specification = Manual Tray" and "the paper quality = (target paper quality)".
How to rotate or to print only a part of images, when printing a photo.An image cannot be rotated. A part cannot be extracted, either. However, ignoring the Paper Size, you can select several kinds of sizes for a photo to modify the size.
How to print multiple images on a page?It is possible to select the N-up functions to select the 2-up etc, to print.
How to print two or more images at once.It is possible to select multiple photos, and then execute the printing.
How to print in black-and-white.Select "color mode = OFF.
Is it possible to specify Super Fine?Since it will be processed as a 200dpi image, depending on an image or print settings, the quality may turn out rough.
How it differs from AirPrint?AirPrint is a mechanism to print from a supported application (Mail, Safari, etc.). Therefore, print-capable devices are limited. Since few print settings can be specified, it is impossible to make the Quality Detail Settings like Print Utility, as in January, 2011. Although AirPrint is available in iOS4.2 or later, Print Utility for iOS is available in iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later.
When printing a Web page, the preview screen may not appear correctly.When printing a Web page, a part of image may not appear in the preview display, but no problem when printed.
When printing a Web page, the color of printout, including characters, edges, and images, may differ from those in the preview screen.Colors of the page display/preview display may differ with the print output.
What you can do with DocuWorks Viewer Light?DocuWorks Viewer Light for iPhone/iPad" is an application that can access/browse DocuWorks document on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Refer to each product for information on functionalities, etc.
How to operate on a multifunction machine
What to set on MFD or SFP device?(1) Activate Bonjour.(When Bonjour is unavailable, check the IP address of printing device, and type directly in iPad/iPhone/iPod touch)

(2) Specify the following addresses.
* Gateway address
* Subnet mask

(3) Start up the following ports.
* Port 9100

* Consult your administrator for more information.