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ApeosPort C7550 I/C6550 I/C5540 I

ApeosPort C7550 I/C6550 I/C5540 I allow users to access the Internet directly and transfer documents saved on a network, by utilizing the large-size control panel (optional) without using a PC. In other words, digital multifunction machines used as document handling equipment in the office can function as "portals" to a network. This broadens the information utilization spectrum and allows for changes in office work style. It also strengthens links with the other companies’ systems, so users can connect to the office systems of their strategic partners. For example, it is possible to connect data-processing systems for another company's mission-critical operations (manufacturing, sales and accounting), with multifunction machines that handle paper documents (contracts and bill-payment receipts). This resolves management dilemmas regarding information systems.

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Enviromentally Friendly

  • Fuji Xerox has established the “Closed Loop System” of recycling that covers the entire product life cycle from planning, development and production to disposal. An unique collection system serves as an effective recycling route whereby used products are collected as precious resources and their parts re-used or recycled for use in the integrated production line up to assembly. Hence, it’s no surprise that the ApeosPort C7550 I/C6550 I/C5540 I complies and meets the stringent evaluation criteria in all categories of Fuji Xerox’s “Resources-Recycling Products” label.

Documents Flow Service

  • The ApeosPort C7550 &lota;/C6550 &lota;/C5540 &lota; is able to simplify and speed up document flow. You can now access the external network system from the user interface directly to save time. Hard-copy based information can also be converted into digital format easily. This upgrades the information infrastructure in your company and supports information sharing and knowledge management via the Intranet and Internet. Furthermore, the Job Flow feature now extends beyond the enterprise to give even smoother workflow.

Security Service

  • A highly networked environment is necessary for staying competitive. However, these days, no network is free from threats. The ApeosPort C7550 I/C6550 I/C5540 I is well equipped to address such concerns with its multilevel and multi-tiered security measures. These improved controls give you total peace of mind knowing your confidential documents are protected.


Functions & Specifications

ApeosPort C7550 I/ ApeosPort C6550 I/ ApeosPort C5540 I

Network Printer

CPU Power PC750600MHz
Memory 768Mb (Max:1,280Mb)
Resolution 2,400 X 2,400 dpi(Both Color and Monochrome)
PDL (Standard) PCL6, PCL5e ,HPGL/HPGL2
PDL (Option) AdobePostScript3
Operating Systems Win 95/98, Win ME,Win 2000, Win XP, Win NT4.0, Win Server 2003, Mac OS
Network Protocol TCP/IP, SMB, IPP,RFC1876, Port9100, EtherTalk, NetWare (Option)
ManagementServices Print VolumeManagement by ID (Up to 1000 users), IP Address Limitation,CentreWare Internet Services (Embedded), Easy Operator, JobflowEditor

Network Scanner

Maximum Scan Size A3 (297mm x432mm)
Scanning Speed (A4 LEF, Mono) ,35spm (A4 LEF, Color)
CompressionSystem MH, MMR, JPEG
Resolution Paper Binary: 600 x600dpi, 400 x 400dpi, 300 x 300dpi, 200 x 200dpi Gray: 400 x400dpi, 300 x 300dpi, 200 x 200dpi
Halftone 256 levels ofgray
TWAIN-compatibleOS Win 95/98/Me, Win2000 and Win NT 4.0
Scan Format TIFF, JPEG, PDF,DocuWorks, High Compression PDF(Option)
Network Protocol TCP/IP, SMB, IPP,RFC1876, Port9100, EtherTalk, NetWare (Option)
Security Auditron for up to1000 users (Restriction)
Special ScanFeatures Scan to Mailbox,Scan to FTP, Scan to SMB, Scan to e-mail, Scan using template (Upto 250 templates)