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DocuCentre-II C3000

The Fuji Xerox DocuCentre-II C3000 is a powerful, highly advanced full-function network prints, copier, scanner and fax designed to meet the needs of the dynamic business. The multifunction capability makes perfect business sense while the robust functions deliver straightforward operation and colour within your budget. It also packs the versatility and speed to handle any job, whether it’s printing professional-looking presentations or scanning multi-page documents to be sent and shared over a network. And with enhanced security features that give you compete ease of mind.

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  • Innovative functions to power all your printing needs
  • With high quality output at 1,200 dpi x 600 dpi and equipped with colour, along with a host of innovative features, you can be sure that the Fuji Xerox DocuCentre-II C3000 will power all your printing needs. Giving you beautiful and true-to-life reproductions in black and white or in colour.


  • Ease-of-use with enhanced security
  • Digitising and distributing hard copy documents is easy with the DocuCentre-II C3000 colour scanning technology. With these smart scanning features, you can enjoy and improve your operational efficiency.


  • Greater speed for operation efficiency
  • Experience powerful performance with a speedy output up to 32 cpm black and white and 8 cpm colour. The Fuji Xerox DocuCentre-II C3000 also comes with handy features to help you organise your documents better.


  • Enhanced features for maximum convenience
  • Faxing is now more convenient with the Fuji Xerox DocuCentre-II C3000. It incorporates a number of features to give you even greater value, saving you time and money.


Functions & Specifications

DocuCentre-II C3000


Copier Type/Colour Capability

Console Type / Full Colour


PowerPC 300MHz

Scan Resolution

600 x 600dpi (23.6 x 23.6 dots/mm)

Output Resolution

600 x 600dpi (23.6 x 23.6 dots/mm)

Gradation / Printable Colour

256 levels of gray for each colour (16,700,000 colours)



Without hard disk:
30 seconds or less

With hard disk:
42 seconds or less*1 (at 20°Croom temperature)



Without hard disk:
40 seconds or less

with hard disk:
42 seconds or less*1 (at 20 ° room temperature)

Original Size

Maximum: 297x432mm (A3, 11x17") for both sheets and bounddocuments

Copy Paper Size Tray 1 or 2TM

[Standard size] A3 (297x420mm),
11 x 17? (279x432mm)
[Non-standard size] 297 x 432mm
[Standard size] A5 (148x210mm)
[Non-standard size] 139.7 x 182mm

Tandem Tray Maximum: A4LEF
Minimum: 8.5 x 11?LEF
Bypass Tray Maximum:
[Standard] A3 (297x420mm),
11 x 17? (279x432mm)
[Non-standard size] 297 x 432mm
Postcard (100x148mm), Envelope (120x235mm)
[Non-standard size] 88.9 x 98.4mm
Width of Missing Image Lead within 4mm, Trail within 2mm,Right & Left Edges within 2mm
Paper Weight*2

Tray 1-3: 60 - 216gsm
Tandem Tray: 60 - 216gsm
Bypass Tray: 60 - 216gsm

FCOT *3 [When usingthe platen glass] Without hard disk

Monochrome: 6.9 seconds or less (A4LEF, Monochrome PriorityMode), Colour: 18.0 seconds or less (A4LEF, Colour PriorityMode)

With hard disk Monochrome: 6.9 seconds or less(A4LEF, Monochrome Priority Mode), Colour: 18.1 seconds or less(A4LEF, Colour Priority Mode)
Copy Magnification

[100%] 1:1±0.7%
[Preset] 1:0.500, 1:0.707, 1:0.816, 1:0.866, 1:1.154, 1:1.225,1:1.414
[Variable] 1:0.25 to 1:4.00 (1% increments)

Continuous Copy Speed*4

A4LEF, 8.5x11?LEF, B5LEF etc.

Monochrome: 32ppm
Colour: 8ppm

A4SEF, 8.5x11SEF, B5SEF, B4SEF, A3SEF, 11x17?SEF etc.

Monochrome: 16ppm
Colour: 4ppm

Paper Source/ Paper Capacity*5 Standard

520 sheets x 1 Tray + Bypass Tray 97 sheets = 617 sheets

Option 2TM: 520 sheets x 2 Trays + Std. 617sheets = 1,657 sheets
TTM: 2,080 (900+1,180) sheets + Std. 617 sheets = 2,697 sheets
Maximum Continuous Copy Volume*6

999 sheets

Power Source

English OpCos/FXK : AC 220-10% ~ 240V+10%, 8A , 50/60Hz±3Hz
TFX : AC110V±10%, 15A, 60±3Hz

Maximum Power Consumption


110V: 1650VA(Max)
220V: 1760VA(Max)
240V: 1920VA(Max)

Low Power Mode*7

ENG, FXK (220V): 128.2W (DC model), 173.2W (Full System)

Sleep Mode*7

ENG, FXK (220V): 8W (DC model), 57W (Full System)


With Platen Cover : 640 (W) x 654 (D) x 754 (H) mm
With DADF : 640 (W) x 654 (D) x 839 (H) mm
With DADF + Tray Module : 640 (W) x 654 (D) x 1,112 (H) mm


Approx. 98kg

Installation Space (W x D)

1,341 x 1,501mm (When the bypass tray is extended to themaximum)


The warm-up time may be 42 seconds or more when an optional faxkit is installed or depending on the network environment.


It is recommended to use papers recommended by Fuji Xerox.Depending on the type of paper used and the operating environment,paper may not be fed into the machine properly or print quality maybe negatively affected


Same magnification, from the paper Tray 1, single sided, andoutput to the center tray. The values may very depending on themachine configuration.


The speed may be reduced due to image quality adjustment. Theperformance may be reduced depending on the paper type.


When using Xerox ?Business Paper? (80gsm).


The machine may pause temporarily to perform imagestabilization.


The Low Power Mode / Sleep Mode are in accordance with theInternational Energy Star Programme measurements.


Printer Type

Built-in Type

Continuous Print Speed

Same as the machine copy speed


High Speed Mode: 600 x 600dpi (23.6 x 23.6 dots/mm)
Standard Mode: 1,200 x 600dpi (47.2 x 23.6 dots/mm)

Page Description Language




Adobe® PostScript® 3?*1

Emulation (standard)

ESC/P (For English only)
ESCP/K (For Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese Machinesonly)
KS/KSSM (For Korean machine only)
HP-GL (HP7586B), HP-GL2/RTL (HP Design Jet 750C Plus)

Supported Protocols

TCP/IP(lpd,IPP,SMB,Port9100), NetWare®, EtherTalk® *1

Supported Operating Systems*2


Windows® 95/98/Me, Windows NT® 4.0, Windows® 2000/XP, WindowsServer? 2003

PostScript (option)

Windows® 95/98/Me, Windows NT® 4.0, Windows® 2000/XP, WindowsServer? 2003,
Mac OS® X 8.6 - X 9.2.2,OS X 10.2.x/10.3.x (x=up to 8)

Built-in Fonts


Roman 82 type faces, symbol 36 sets Soutai 1 type face for TC/SCMyungio, Gothic, Round Qothic, Graphic, Kungso, Saemul 6 type forKorea

PostScript (option)

Roman 136 type faces

Memory Capacity

512MB (Maximum: 768MB)



Ethernet 100Base-TX/10Base-T, USB 2.0*3


When the PostScript® 3TM Kit is installed.


Refer to the Fuji Xerox official web site for the latestinformation on supported OS.


Supported OS: Windows® 98SE/Me/2000/XP, Windows ServerTM 2003,Mac® OS 8.6 to 9.2.2, and Mac® OS X 10.2.x/10.3.3 to 10.4.3


Scanner Type

Colour Scanner

Document Size

297x432mm (A3, 11×17?) for both sheets and bound documents

Scanning Resolution

600x600dpi, 400x400dpi, 300x300dpi, 200x200dpi (23.6x23.6dots/mm, 15.7x15.7 dots/mm, 11.8x11.8 dots/mm, 7.9x7.9 dots/mm)

Scanning Gradation

8-bit for each RGB colour

Scanning Speed*1


40 ipm

Colour 13 ipm (A4 LEF FX standard originaldocument, 200dpi, to Mailbox)


Ethernet 100Base-TX/10Base-T

Save to Mailbox


TCP/IP (Salutation, HTTP)


Monochrome binary: TIFF, PDF*2, XDW (DocuWorksdocument)*2

Gray scale/Full colour: TIFF, JPEG, PDF*2, XDW (DocuWorks document)*2



Driver-Compatible OS*3

Windows® 95/98/Me, Windows NT® 4.0, Windows® 2000/XP, WindowsServer? 2003

Save to PC



Compliant OS*3

Windows® 95/98/Me*4,Windows NT® 4.0, Windows® 2000/XP, Windows Server? 2003, MacOS®*5 *6, NetWare®5.x*5


Monochrome binary: TIFF (Compression method: MH, MMR), XDW(DocuWorks document), PDF
Gray scale/Full colour: TIFF (Compression method: JPEG), JPEG, XDW(DocuWorks document), PDF

Send E-mail




Monochrome binary: TIFF (Compression method: MH, MMR), XDW(DocuWorks document), PDF
Gray scale/Full colour: TIFF (Compression method:JPEG-L*), JPEG, XDW(DocuWorks document), PDF


Scanning speed varies depending on originals and resolution.


Supported only when documents are retrieved using CentreWareInternet Services.


Refer to the Fuji Xerox official web site for the latestinformation on supported OS.


Only SMB protocol can be supported.


Only FTP protocol can be supported.


Supported Mac OS® X 10.1.5/10.2.x/10.3.8/10.3.9/10.4.2

Fax (Optional)

Sending Document Size

Maximum: A3 (297 x 420mm), 11x17? (279 x 432mm), Long documentavailable (Maximum 600mm)

Recording Paper Size

Maximum: A3, 11x17?, Minimum: A5

Electrical Transmission Time*1

Less than 3 seconds*2

Communication Mode


Scanning Density


8x3.85 lines/mm, 200 x 100 dpi (7.9x3.9 dots/mm)


8x7.7 lines/mm, 200 x 200 dpi (7.9x7.9 dots/mm)

Super Fine

16x15.4 lines/mm

Super Fine (400dpi)

400 x 400dpi (15.7x15.7 dots/mm)

Super Fine (600dpi)

600 x 600dpi (23.6x23.6 dots/mm)

Encoding Method


Transmission Speed

16.8/14.4/12.0/9.6/ 7.2/4.8/2.4 kbps

Applicable Lines

PBX, PSTN, Maximum 3 lines*3


This transmission speed is only for that of image informationand does not include the controlling time for the communication.Note that the actual transmission time depends on the contents ofdocuments, machine that the recipient uses, and the status of thecommunication line.


When transmitting an A4 size 700-character document in thestandard quality (8x3.85 lines/mm) and high speed mode (28.8 kbpsor faster: JBIG).


Fax Kit A (1 line) or Fax Kit B (3 lines) can be selected.