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DocuCentre S2011 A3 Monochrome Multifunction Device The perfect solution for small- and medium-sized businesses

DocuCentre S2011 Features

Combining high productivity with eco-friendly operation

A3 Monochrome Desktop Digital Multifunction Device Convenient and always ready to go

A multifunction device with all you need for any office task. Improve office efficiency with this compact multifunction device. Always available and at hand to enhance office workflows.

DocuCentre S2011

Speedy operation

Reduced first-copy-out time

DocuCentre S2011's First Copy Output Time of only 7.4 secondsNote1 saves time when in a rush.

Fast warm-up time and high-speed output

The warm-up time is less than 19 secondsNote2 . The fast and smooth output also saves you valuable time.

  • Note1A4 landscape
  • Note2Time for the device to activate from sleep mode.

Outstanding productivity features

Print multiple pages on one sheet

Different documents can be printed on either side of a single piece of paper. Also, by reducing the size of documents, up to eight pages can be printed onto one sheet to help conserve paper.

Print multiple pages on one sheet

Convenient ID card copy function

Both sides of a card can be copied onto one side of a sheet of paper. You can copy up to two cards at the same time.

Convenient ID card copy function

Colour scanning as a standard function

Choose from scanning resolutions of up to 400 dpi. Scans can be saved in any of the following formats: XDW, PDF, JPEG and TIFF.

Colour scanning as a standard function

Print and copy on heavy paper

Print certificates or greeting cards on 60-216 gsm paper. Printing can be easily customized for nearly any job, eliminating the need to outsource for this purpose.

Continuous printing of up to 999 pages

Designed to allow printing of up to 999 pages per job for increased productivity and reliability.

Eco friendly

Internationally recognized environmental compliance

The amount of ultrafine particles (UFPsNote1 ) emitted during continuous printing has been reduced by optimising operation settings.

Adjustable toner output

Toner density is adjustable with six different settings. Printing at lower density saves toner and helps reduce costs.

Adjustable toner output

Eco friendly and energy-saving

The TEC valueNote2 complying with the International Energy Star Program is 1.1 kWh. Compared to a conventional model, DocuCentre S2011 reduces power consumption by up to 16 %.

Eco friendly and energy-saving

  • Note1Ultrafine particles (UFPs) are tiny particulates less than 100 nanometres in diameter. They are far smaller than the PM2.5 particle class, the regulations for which are becoming stricter from an environmental perspective.
  • Note2Value measured by the test defined in International Energy Star Program.


On a desk or on the floor. Choose the location that's best for you.


  • NoteUse Fuji Xerox toner cartridges to ensure optimal performance and efficient recycling.

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