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With SkyDesk Media Switch technology, enhance your world view by connecting with robust digital content for your engagement pleasure with prints. Utilising the camera on a mobile device, Media Switch links multiple digital information such as videos, sounds and websites directly to your print medium. Enjoy your creative freedom and create valuable content for your communication activities.

SkyDesk Media Switch can help your print channels to:

Integrate Digital Content

Transform print by integrating with digital media seamlessly with our easy to use online tools to embed your images on PDF documents.

Increase Customer Engagement

Elevate your business with increased levels of engagement by synergising good cross-media strategy from traditional print to web-based campaigns.

Improve Conversion Rate

Improve your point-of-sales, retail and advertising space by integrating with your business websites through the use of Media Switch without compromising the design aesthetics of your display or image work.

Add Values

Adopt a creative approach to engage consumers in various sectors and improve your print media with value-added contents.

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