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Are you having difficulty in running your business with teams scattered across the globe? No Worries. Enter SkyDesk Projects- the online project management tool that enables you to get things doneā€¦Faster! SkyDesk Projects empowers your team to come together and collaborate effectively with real-time updates and seeing everyone's input from a central location.

Effective way of Planning, Tracking and Collaborating


Upload, store and organize all file types from a single place and work on files associated with a particular project.

Projects calendar is an easy way to securely and quickly organize meetings, events, schedule appointments, managing deadlines and more - all with a browser from your desktop.

An online interactive forum where team members can post a topic, discuss important ideas and help capture the knowledge in a central location.

Discuss important topics, share ideas and resolve problems in real-time collaboration chat room.

Gantt charts provide a graphical illustration for planning and scheduling your projects, and shows the progress of your tasks in comparison to what was planned.

The integration with SkyDesk Reports provides in-depth insights on your team's progress.

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Access tools and manage projects on the go. Because SkyDesk Projects is a cloud-based system, you can collaborate with your team in real time.

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