Business Owner

Increase profits and growth

Smart Work Gateway from Fuji Xerox can help you reduce operating costs and improve productivity so that you can drive stronger profitability and business growth. Any time, anywhere working and immediate access to information improves output, while more efficient content sharing and stronger security act to drive down costs.

Better Operations

Transform your operations

You want to keep costs to a minimum and improve your business agility. At the same time, you want to attract and retain the best talent, providing fulfilling, empowering roles for your employees.

Smart Work Gateway frees your people to be as productive as they can be, working more collaboratively, helping them meet deadlines faster, and – above all – having much greater control over where they’re based, how they work, and when. Want to know more? Read: Reinvent your business by rethinking printing

Improve Responsiveness

Improve customer responsiveness

You want to impress your customers at every touch point, whether that’s when they first hear of you, at the point at which they decide to buy, or during their ongoing relationship with you. You also want them to feel cared for and have faith in your processes.

Smart Work Gateway simplifies the exchange of information, ensuring you’re always ready to onboard new customers, gain insights from captured data, manage content and customer information securely, and provide quick, timely responses to incoming queries.

Protected Brand

Build and protect your business reputation

You’ve invested time and effort in building your brand and want to ensure nothing impacts your good name. Moreover, you want to ensure that your content and data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands and, if it does, that you can quickly understand what happened.

Smart Work Gateway has powerful information management tools that control who can print, scan or copy information; create usage trails, and control usage across the cloud.

“Attracting and keeping the best talent requires me to read and predict what my super-connected, global workforce expects. Even if I get this right, it’s still a challenge to make my workplace proposition stand out from the crowd.”

Flexible working

“Making it easy and simple for potential customers to sign up for my services, and keeping their information secure, requires special capabilities. And what other tools do we need in order to deliver effective and engaging personalized content to our customers?”

Customer Experience

“Can I improve the print security and content sharing strategy in my organization? Is our current risk and information strategy up to date, and can it enable us to effectively navigate the complexities of reputation management?”

Reputation Management

Meet Your Smart Work Gateway

Change the way business operates with Smart Work Gateway's suite of advanced technology by improving operation efficiency, secured cloud environment, streamline communication and cost-saving measures.

Your Smart Work Gateway unlocks a path to more efficient business process, and ultimately A Smarter Way of Working.

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