IT Manager

Security and simplicity

Smart Work Gateway from Fuji Xerox can help secure your existing cloud assets more effectively, provides productivity tools to your business, and integrates seamlessly and easily with your existing systems. Powerful mobile, cloud and information security capabilities protect your data while the solution works with all your existing IT assets.

Better Operations

Security at every level

Your primary concern with rolling out any new technology is security – you can’t afford data breaches or loss. Yet you do also need to deliver new services to the business to improve operations and maintain competitiveness.

Smart Work gateway has highly robust security at every level. Mobile devices can connect to the platform securely and it integrates seamlessly with cloud services. Moreover it contains powerful information management and tracking tools

Improve Responsiveness

Complements your IT infrastructure

You want to meet demands from your colleagues for flexible working, BYOD, exploiting the latest cloud-based trends, and improving collaboration. Yet you also have major concerns over security generally, and about where confidential information might end up.

Smart Work Gateway enables everyone to collaborate effectively, anywhere, any time, utilizing multiple, seamlessly integrated cloud services. Uncompromising mobile security ensures BYOD data is protected. Are you prepared? Read: Shining a light on Shadow IT

Protected Brand

Scalable and flexible platform for business

Your business demands a technology platform that enables it to evolve with changing market trends and also meet immediate customer demands. You need to provide powerful, secure and easy-to-use tools for data exchange, information management and communications.

Smart Work Gateway provides powerful tools to manage, record and respond to customer enquiries; deliver effective and engaging content; automate internal processes; onboard new customers, and provide robust security around all of these activities.

“It’s increasingly difficult to keep up with new technologies, let alone the BYOD options brought onboard by employees. How do we balance the rewards of flexible working and better team collaboration with the risks that these new technologies bring?”

Flexible working

“We need to be able to draw together all of our customer data so that its accessible at all times. And how can I ensure that no piece of information is ever lost, and provide the tools to ensure that no customer task is ever forgotten?”

Customer Experience

“How do I ensure my information management policies reflect the needs of our changing workforce and empower us, not hold us back? And do I have sufficient safeguards to mitigate cyber-security threats, the internal danger, and other sources of risk?”

Reputation Management

Meet Your Smart Work Gateway

Change the way business operates with Smart Work Gateway's suite of advanced technology by improving operation efficiency, secured cloud environment, streamline communication and cost-saving measures.

Your Smart Work Gateway unlocks a path to more efficient business process, and ultimately A Smarter Way of Working.