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Transform efficiency

Smart Work Gateway from Fuji Xerox can help you improve your internal processes, increase your operational agility and – ultimately – save money and drive stronger revenues. From improving security to automating workflow, and from flexible working to sharing access to content across numerous cloud platforms, you can easily transform your operations.

Better Operations

New ways of working

You want to motivate your colleagues to be as productive as possible by giving them the freedom to work in more flexible ways. And you also want to maintain strong management visibility over their activities to ensure they’re fully exploiting every opportunity.

Smart Work Gateway harnesses mobile, cloud and other technologies to free your people to work in new ways. It enables strong collaboration so that team members can work closely together, at any time, wherever they’re located, sharing information easily, yet securely. What’s more it is easy to minimize costly downtime. Read: What remote service can do for you

Improve Responsiveness

Powerful operational capabilities

You want to drive improvements to internal processes to save time and reduce costs. And you’re determined to ensure that no task is ever forgotten, that data is managed and handled securely, and that your organization maintains its strong customer focus.

Smart Work Gateway gives your people access to the right information, at the right time, and in the right way. Seamless cloud integration means you can search across multiple clouds, and powerful tools enable process automation and data transformation.

Protected Brand

Security and audit trails

Safeguarding company data and content, and protecting against the internal threat, are major concerns. Should any breach occur, you need to be able to quickly establish what was compromised, and how, where and why it happened.

Fortunately, Smart Work Gateway includes powerful information management tools so you can control access to content on Multi-Function Devices (MFD) and cloud services, and create content audit trails.

“How do I ensure that operational practices align more closely with the expectations of the business stakeholders and employees I serve? Is it possible to use technology to ensure that productivity, employee engagement and collaboration are maintained at an all-time high?”

Flexible working

“We need ways of streamlining our internal processes to make it easier to deliver outstanding customer service. And how do we keep on top of ever more customer enquiries, without working around the clock?”

Customer Experience

“Our business reputation affects our credibility with both existing and potential employees and customers. How can I best protect our brand, to keep our people motivated and our customers loyal, without going to great lengths and expense?”

Reputation Management

Meet Your Smart Work Gateway

Change the way business operates with Smart Work Gateway's suite of advanced technology by improving operation efficiency, secured cloud environment, streamline communication and cost-saving measures.

Your Smart Work Gateway unlocks a path to more efficient business process, and ultimately A Smarter Way of Working.

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