Flexible Working

Freedom and productivity

With business becoming more and more fast-paced and competitive, Fuji Xerox Smart Work Gateway helps you stay ahead. Your employees can collaborate effectively, wherever they’re based, and achieve the best results from seamlessly integrated, secure cloud services.

“Attracting and keeping the best talent requires me to read and predict what my super-connected, global workforce expects. Even if I get this right, it’s still a challenge to make my workplace proposition stand out from the crowd.”

Business Owners

“It’s increasingly difficult to keep up with new technologies, let alone the BYOD options brought onboard by employees. How do we balance the rewards of flexible working and better team collaboration with the risks that these new technologies bring?”

IT Managers

“How do I ensure that operational practices align more closely with the expectations of the business stakeholders and employees I serve? Is it possible to use technology to ensure that productivity, employee engagement and collaboration are maintained at an all-time high?”

Office Managers

Work how, where and when you want

Smart Work Gateway from Fuji Xerox helps you build a bridge between your physical and digital content, providing secure access to your information and powerful tools to control and share it. It addresses the needs and expectations of all your employees for different working styles and new ways of collaborating and communicating with one another. Don’t be left behind. Read: Ahead on the cloud

Business Requirements Business Impact
Collaborate effectively anywhere, any time
  • Access information anywhere, any time without compromising policies governing who has access to the content and storage platform.
  • Share content with colleagues and customers in the format and manner you prefer.
  • Bridge geographic divides and foster better team outcomes.
Employee engagement and empowerment
  • Make more informed, faster decisions with access to information any time, anywhere.
  • Be ever ready, able and empowered to serve customers and stakeholders.

Powerful Benefits

  • Fuji Xerox Cloud Services allow you to work more flexibly. You can print from anywhere, anytime with Follow-You Print® services, Share & Store documents in the cloud in order to facilitate content access whenever needed; view and optimize how print, scan, copy and fax services are used at the workplace anytime; and finally aggregate a search and upload content easily to leading 3rd Party Cloud services from your MFDs.
  • Mobile Print and Scan allows guests to use an enabled Fuji Xerox MFD to print and scan without accessing the corporate network. Users only need to have the application installed onto their mobile devices in order to activate a print or scan request.
  • DocuShare is an enterprise content management platform that allows your documents to be stored securely, and to automate workflows such as approvals and reminders, further simplifying your operational activities so you can spend more time on other activities. It also has a mobile option to allow content access on-the-go.
  • AWMS allow you to scan documents securely and accurately (with OCR feature) from your MFD to DocuShare or other content management platforms for central storage and management. AWMS also comes with a Mobile option, enabling BYOD devices to trigger a print job once they are logged into the corporate network.
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