Reputation Management

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Tales of data compromises are all too common in today’s hyper-connected world. Fuji Xerox Smart Work Gateway can help prevent your business becoming front page news. It combines powerful yet easy-to-use information management tools with highly robust security capabilities to protect, control access to, and track your content.

“Can I improve the print security and content sharing strategy in my organization? Is our current risk and information strategy up to date, and can it enable us to effectively navigate the complexities of reputation management?”

Business Owners

“How do I ensure my information management policies reflect the needs of our changing workforce and empower us, not hold us back? And do I have sufficient safeguards to mitigate cyber-security threats, the internal danger, and other sources of risk?”

IT Managers

“Our business reputation affects our credibility with both existing and potential employees and customers. How can I best protect our brand, to keep our people motivated and our customers loyal, without going to great lengths and expense?”

Office Managers

Secure your content and protect your business reputation

Smart Work Gateway from Fuji Xerox helps you reduce the risk of confidential information falling into the wrong hands; gives you the tools to track who is accessing your content and maintain audit trails. Put your mind at ease. Read: Is your cloud secure?

Business Requirements Business Impact
Information management Reduce the risk of information leakage, and the potential for lost business opportunities and adverse impact on your brand:
  • Control who has access to print, scan or copy on Multi-Function Devices (MFD) to mitigate information leakage or theft of confidential information.
  • Generate MFD usage information to enhance information traceability and enable audit trail for content sharing.
  • Control the access to-, and sharing of content on cloud storage devices.
Digital Rights Management (DRM) Protect company assets from illegal plagiarism:
  • Control the use, modification and distribution of copyright materials, such as software and multimedia content.
  • Install systems onto end-user devices that can help you enforce these policies.

Powerful Benefits

  • AWMS and AWILM allow you to maintain ongoing records of your document movements (copy, scan, fax and print) and who has accessed it from the MFD.
  • Card Authentication allows users to seek access permission in order to use MFD functions
  • With DocuShare, you can set access policy for documents maintained in this enterprise management platform. You do not need to worry about content being viewed or accessed by unauthorized users.
  • Digital Rights Management allows you to set relevant print rights, how many times documents can be viewed, when it will self-destruct.
  • With DocuWorks, you can scan documents and send them out in a secured file format. Documents in different formats can be put together in a folder, and you can add a digital signature to them to meet added security requirements.
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